YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design
Functionality and practicality are key components of our kitchen designs, wheatear you are looking to organize your silverware or your spices the possibilities are endless with these creative and functional accessory options.
The manufacturer gives its contractual partners a 5-year guarantee оп furniture parts that are manufactured by the company. The guarantee commences оп the day от delivery to the retailer. All rights in the event от a guarantee case belong to our contractual partner. The guarantee applies to all countries in which the retail partner is based.
Guarantee cover
The guarantee covers any taults resulting from defects in material, production, design ог construction. The manufacturer will bear the costs for new supplies ог rectification of the faulty items. If providing new items ог rectifying, then the standard is to be the state от the art at the time the kitchen was delivered. In the event of a replacement delivery, an updated version
ог new state of the art may be provided
The legal terms are not affected by the guarantee. In all other respects, the company's General Terms and Conditions apply.
The following damage is not covered by the guarantee:
- damage to accessories such as electrical appliances, sinks, taps, lights, fittings and interior compartments. The manufacturer's specifications apply to these items.
- Damage resulting from normal wear, correct use, damage from swelling caused by exposure to moisture ог heat.
- Damage caused by environmental, light ог climate influences or any change in wood structure ог surface colour.
- Damage resulting from incorrect installation ог ітргорег саге of furniture.
- Damage to wear parts, such as rubber rings, seals, bulbs etc.
- Damage resulting from mechanical stress and strain, e.g. knocks, cuts, impacts ог scratches.

All colours are inspected and defined under exposure to standardised light. Due to the different material and surface textures, optical differences may occur. This effect can also occur
when different materials are combined, e.g. synthetic materials, lacquers and glass. These differences are not a cause for complaint. This also includes differences in glass resulting
from differing production batches (e.g. adjustable shelves).

Excluded from the guarantee
The guarantee will be void if any unauthorised alterations are made to the product.
The guarantee includes the provision от items required for repair.
The guarantee does not include any additional costs of transportation, installation and any other associated costs.

Event of a guarantee claim
In such an event, the company must be notified от the damage without delay. The retailer is obliged to be involved in dealing with the matter.
This might include answering questions and clarifying the cause от damage. It might also be necessary to return the damaged item ог provide photographs in order to resolve the
matter. The manufacturer will not accept any costs for clarifying the damage.
The damage will only be rectified by the retailer. In exceptional cases, the manufacturer may appoint a litter ог its own supplier's customer service to rectify the damage. This will be
done at the manufacturer's discretion, with it not being possible to demand either option as standard practice.

Terms at business
The legal terms are not affected by the guarantee. In all other respects, the company's General Terms and Conditions apply.