YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design
One of our main priorities is the ease of utilization of your future kitchen. Whereas we hold aesthetics very high and as an integral part of the design, we don't devalue the ergonomics and functionality of the space. The opening channel is available in many different designs, whether it be colors or with/without lighting, electrical openings and many more

The ease of utilization of our cabinetry is one of YGK Kitchens' main points of focus. Increasing the design and aesthetic aspects by using a handle-less kitchen does not implement the decrease of ergonomics. With the opening channel available in many different designs, whether it be colours or with/without lighting, electrical openings or many more.
Even more space
Living in a city means you sometimes have less space than you would hope for, especially in the kitchen area. Let's face it, most homes were built many years ago and the needs they had then don't match the
needs we have today. How do we create a feeling of new in a pre-set floor plan? Easy, we offer some of the most flexible cabinets in the world, offering full customizations as well as stock sizes to plan the
space with the utmost attention to detail and care.
Modern elegance
Have you ever wished for your kitchen to be completely flat with no protruding handles sticking out? The handle-less cabinetry from YGK will allow this. Whether it will be with mechanical or electrical openings, or with a metal channel that allows you to open the cabinets, the elegance and contemporary style will not be left out.
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