YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design
YGK works directly with each client from start to finish, offering countless creative solutions combined with functional elements, the finished product is one to be desired and definitely one to come see in person.
Color is one of the most important design elements in interior design, because it spontaneously creates moods and feelings. The choice of colors determines whether a room is perceived as inviting, elegant, generous, cool, or cozy.

We offer a number of material and finish selections. Ranging from laminates to full lacquered, real ceramic and wood veneers. Our wide selection has something for every person's individual style.

Nowhere is furniture subject to more stress than in the kitchen. It is for this reason that, particularly there, materials of select quality and perfect workmanship should be used. With SieMatic lacquer, home furnishings radiate elegance without offering any point of vulnerability to the high stresses of the kitchen. This is because the exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer front panels are manufactured in "Superior Quality," in an innovative lacquer process that provides for the greatest flexibility in planning and guarantees environmentally friendly, first-class quality. The new SieMatic AntiPrint finish reduces fingerprints even on matte surfaces.
Both optically and in price, an attractive alternative to the exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer front panels is provided by the SieMatic SimiLaque front panels, matte or glossy. Using state-of-the art laser technology, they are manufactured completely free of joints and seams: in ZeroMatic quality, which gives them their elegant, high-quality appeal. The new SieMatic AntiPrint finish reduces fingerprints even on velvety matte surfaces.
SieMatic laminate furniture panels are available in matte and gloss, are extremely easy to care for, very sturdy and hygienic. They have an impeccable, high-quality appearance and a remarkably natural effect in designs such as "wild oak," "provence oak" or "titan pine
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