YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design
Warm to cold lighting controlled with a touch of the hand. Yes, this is true, a key element to any good kitchen design begins with how to emphasize the natural lines of the cabinetry. We are pleased to have numerous lighting options that breathe life into each space.
Some will look familiar: Many pieces within the FLOS modern pendant lighting collection are icons, created by world-renowned designers.

Today, the FLOS pendant light collection represents a versatile range of designer lamps that blend smart function with striking splendor to add poetic beauty to your space.

The FLOS floor lamp collection offers eclectic and award-winning selections that blend smart innovation with the highest standards of design.

Featuring creations by Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Marcel Wanders, and more, these modern floor lamps add poetry to every room that they illuminate.

Blending artistic sensibilities with inspired functionality, the FLOS table lamp collection is a versatile offering from the world's most talented designers.

With a nod to the iconic style of the past and an eye on an innovative future, FLOS has been setting the standard for lighting design since 1962.

Crafted by world-renowned artists, our Wall & Ceiling Light Collection features intuitive designs made with revolutionary materials, resulting in pieces that are remarkably durable, highly functional, and brilliantly crafted.

The FLOS outdoor lighting collection is an array of products by the masters of design. Technically perfect, these lamps symbolize a unity between imagination and functionality.

Many of our outdoor lamps have become classic references to excellence in the design industry.

Find beautiful contemporary outdoor lighting to illuminate your porch, lakeside, garden and other outdoor spaces without interfering with the simple splendor of natural light.

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