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We offer an large variety of material and finish selections. Ranging from laminates to full lacquered, real ceramic and wood veneers. Our wide selection has something for every person's individual style.
indian summer
moonlight grey
polar white
quartz grey
sand biege
Probably the most timeless of any of the finish options. With their sleek and classic appearance, matte lacquered cabinet doors excel in representing the luxury look of each kitchen remodel paired with high

Whether it is a combination of contrasting colors in a modern style to make the kitchen the visual highlight of every home, or the combination of similar tone colors to recreate the simplicity of a piece of integrated furniture, matte lacquered cabinets are very often the number one choice of kitchen

arctic silky matt
carbon silky matt
chocolate silky matt
evergreen silky matt
indian silky matt
magnolia silky matt
moonlight silky matt
navy silky matt
nougat silky matt
port silky matt
quartz grey silky matt
sand biege silky matt
With the broadest selection of colors and finish imitations, laminate finished cabinet fronts guarantee highest standard German quality at a moderate price point. The setup of the laminated doors is perfect
for the changing environment of each kitchen space. Its durability avoids any damage ranging from sudden impacts over moisture and temperature changes, and scratch resistance.

Laminated door fronts are available in solid colors, interesting wood grains in various different tones from warm rich wooden colors to contemporary playful aspects that can perfect each design.
сoncrete anthracite
concrete grey
concrete white
copper bronze
grain cognac
grain light vertical
oak sand horizontal
oak terra horizontal
oak tobacco horizontal
wild Oak
Often used in spaces with limited access to daylight, high gloss lacquered cabinets enable the equal distribution of light in the kitchen or dining space with bright reflections while representing an elegant
and luxurious feel. While visually enlarging the space, the high gloss feature enables the designer to playwith reflections that create an astonishing effect throughout the kitchen.

Even a black high gloss opens up a tight space if one places it correctly and intelligently in a narrow area. High gloss is very likely the way to go if you want to stand in your kitchen and feel like you are entering
an open and beautifully designed arena of entertainment and living.
azure high gloss
black high gloss
carbon high gloss
fire high gloss
magnolia high gloss
moonlight grey high gloss
navy high gloss
nougat high gloss
quartz grey high gloss
sand biege high gloss
silk high gloss
white high gloss
Highly durable and known for its rich detailing, our wood and stone veneers are added elements of distinctiveness and intrigue. Often brought in as an accent or used as a working top, or simply adding an
eternal natural stone aspect our veneers are designed to last the test of time.

This highly desirable finish is part of our standard program, offered in three neutral color options Black, Moonlight Gray and White this collection is perfect for the busy household that has little time to clean.
Manufactured to withstand fingerprints this means your cabinets will remain looking brand new though the life cycle of your kitchen.
black silky matt
moonlight grey silky matt
white silky matt
An all-time classic. The strong aura that wood emits into each space give every kitchen a warm and natural feel. Elegance is a well-held feature of wood kitchens and creates a less contemporary, more
transitional feeling in the most frequented room in each house. With clever design, solid wood can result in an extravagant combination between traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

arctic silky matt
carbon silky matt
chocolate silky matt
evergreen silky matt
indian silky matt
magnolia silky matt
moonlight silky matt
navy silky matt
nougat silky matt
port silky matt
quartz grey silky matt
sand biege silky matt
moonlight silky matt
navy silky matt
One of the top trends we have seen in the past years is the introduction of Industrial materials into the home market. Whether it is the use of concrete on the floors or brass accents on hardware these once
underutilized materials are giving new life to each space. We are thrilled to offer real brass and stainless-steel door fronts, accented with matching toe kicks.

metal finish brass
metal finish stain

Immerse yourself in more of the possibilities to individually plan, equip and design your kitchen with YGK Interior Design. Your YGK consultant can tell you more about our colors and materials.
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