YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design

The brand seal „Made in Germany" goes far beyond the production location for us. German Quality is taken very seriously in all areas of production in our group of companies.
We began crafting our cabinetry in 1917, entered the export
business to major countries in Europe in 1953, reached 300
employees in 1954. In 1961 launched the product line
"Bau-For-Mat fitted kitchen", and reached 50 million euros in sales
and over 5280 employees in 1984. In 1991 Bau-For-Mat introduced Burger line and established Hausbeck exhibition and training center in 2000. Kitchen program was developed and Bau-For-Mat created the new cube line in 2009, and Purista in 2014. In 2017, Bau-For-Mat introducing the Bau-Lux line with exclusive collection of luxurious and exceptional front finishes.
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