YGK Kitchen Cabinets + Design
YGK Kitchens' transitional collection procreates the feeling of warmth and it complements the neutral color
pallet of traditional design with unconventional accents. Metal, ceramic, brass and real wood veneers
are some materials utilized.

Every detail is aimed at perfect comfort and absolute convenience
The perfect style for adventurous kitchen owners. Transitional feel is acquired via a modern layout and setup, merged with warm and rich details to create a timeless feeling of well-being in the most important room in your home. Varying colours and textures allow us to create the outstanding feeling of well-being that all our clients deserve.
Elegant ergonomics
Ergonomics of a space are one of the key components when we're designing. Each person's physical attributes are considered when deciding heights, location of appliance (take out weather) whether or not they need to reach the top row of cabinets. These are just some examples of what we take into consideration. We take pride in each design we create, always keeping our client's needs at the forefront.
Convenient solutions
Convenience is key, have you heard this before? Let's start with what is convenient to you and how would that be shown visually? What are a few items you must have in your kitchen; do you need them to be conveniently accessible? If the answer is yes you have already begun the design process. We take each element of the design and break it down by category and then by importance so nothing is ignored.
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